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Smart Working

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We know from the way our staff responded to the Covid-19 pandemic that we don’t need to work the way we did before to deliver great services for our residents, and we’re working hard to create a great ‘new normal’.

That is why we are embarked on a very ambitious programme to redefine our new normal, identifying what ways of working we want to put in place, and using what we have learned during the pandemic to define our new hybrid working model.

Our Leadership Labs are defining new hybrid ‘Smart Working’ programme, which is about making working at SBC better for everyone.

We’re focusing on:

  • Developing new hybrid workstyles to support a more flexible way of working, where possible.
  • Modernising our workspaces, so that when you do come into the office, they are more comfortable to work in.
  • How we use and embrace new technology to better connect our people and those they work with, including meeting rooms where the technology supports different workstyles.
  • Reducing how much energy we use and driving down our carbon footprint.
  • Keeping the health, safety and wellbeing of our people a priority.
  • Supporting managers as they adopt hybrid working for themselves and their teams.