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Social workers are at the core of our work with children and families. Our approach is about enabling social workers to build relationships with children, young people and their carers in order to deliver real, meaningful change for children.​

Being part of the children’s social work team in Southend means you’re never alone. With the support of your colleagues and peers you can give our children the best start in life.

See what our Social Workers say about our children’s social care teams and feeling valued.

What our colleagues say

“I am new to Southend and have been very impressed with the restorative approach to not only young people but employees too. I have felt supported and the team in CM16+ is great”

“The children we look after are at the heart of what gets me up in the morning”


“Working for Southend is very rewarding. I love being a member of this community and I am part of a team that shares my commitment and passion for ensuring all children achieve success.”